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Working with data is like working with soil. It’s dirty, but without it, you can’t grow your business. Could your organization’s data strategy and technology use some refining? If so, then this is the podcast for you. Perficient’s Intelligent Data podcast investigates a variety of topics on using data and technology to reshape your business. Join Arvind Murali, Data Chief Strategist and principal at Perficient, as he explores data trends and topics that will keep your business moving forward. Hear more about: • The value of data in key industries, including healthcare, financial services, ecommerce, supply chain, and more • Trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence • Big data support for business decisions • Analytics and decision making • Data privacy, compliance, and data governance • Data and customer experience trends

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Exploring the Partnership of Customer Experience and Intelligence

    Data has become such an integral factor in allowing organizations to identify customer expectations, market trends, and growth opportunities. Learn more about how data can be a competitive advantage for any business looking to enhance its digital experiences. ...


  2. Customer Intelligence to Inform and Enhance eCommerce

    Having data visibility is great, but how do you monetize that data? In the world of ecommerce, there are many factors at play. These include AI engines, data privacy, compliance, and most recently COVID-19. In this episode, you’ll hear how to use data in new ways ...


  3. Collecting and Connecting Data for Interoperability

    The world of healthcare is undergoing a massive digital transformation. This means the definition of interoperability now shifts to connected devices, data privacy, and more. HL7 FIHR is the standard of healthcare data interoperability and is a restful interface that lets you quickly get patient information.  ...


  4. Optimizing Big Data to Drive Real Value

    More than 85% of data science projects fail, but in today’s COVID-19 world that can have a huge impact on an organization’s bottom line. In this episode, you’ll hear about the importance of data scientists, how to focus your big data initiatives around business outcomes, and how to drive value.  Bill ...


  5. The Plumbing Behind Your Analytics

    Data has become more abundant and more crucial as businesses become more engaged in digital transformation initiatives. But knowing how to make the right decisions with the data available is still a struggle. Learn why organizations are looking to data storytelling as a solution.  Abhisek Majumdar, director of business intelligence at ...