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Working with data is like working with soil. It’s dirty, but without it, you can’t grow your business. Could your organization’s data strategy and technology use some refining? If so, then this is the podcast for you. Perficient’s Intelligent Data podcast investigates a variety of topics on using data and technology to reshape your business. Join Arvind Murali, Data Chief Strategist and principal at Perficient, as he explores data trends and topics that will keep your business moving forward. Hear more about: • The value of data in key industries, including healthcare, financial services, ecommerce, supply chain, and more • Trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence • Big data support for business decisions • Analytics and decision making • Data privacy, compliance, and data governance • Data and customer experience trends

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Future of Data and AI

    Bruno Aziza is a thought leader in Data and Analytics. In this podcast we discussed various key trends and topics influencing the world of data including analyst of the future, value of dark data, user experience, emotions based data storytelling, meaning of Intelligence, and flexibility of data platforms. There ...


  2. Data Literacy Is the Key

    With the explosion of tools, the interpretation of data is dependent on the human who is interpreting it, and the technology or application that is using it. Ben Jones has been a coach and trainer for Data Literacy. In his current role, he assesses the maturity of Data Literacy ...


  3. Human-Centered Design for Data Products

    Nandan Mullakara is a thought leader in Automation with a specialty on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In this episode, we discussed the evolution of automation from OCR to RPA to now intelligent automation. Topics such as human in the loop, episodic capture of process, and data-driven intelligent automation have been discussed. ...


  4. Data-Driven Design Thinking

     For over 20 years, Brian O'Neill has done a phenomenal job in bringing human-centered design into the world of analytics. The founder of Designing for Analytics, Brian is also a consulting product designer who helps companies create innovative machine learning and analytics solutions. Using various approaches and frameworks such ...


  5. LightsOnData

    George Firican works as the Data Governance and BI Director for The University of British Columbia. He is also the Founder and Content creator for LightsOnData consulting, an e-Learning platform that provides data professionals with a better understanding of data governance, data management, and data storytelling.  In this episode, ...