Future of Data and AI

Episode 9 September 29, 2021 00:43:35
Future of Data and AI
Intelligent Data
Future of Data and AI

Show Notes

Bruno Aziza is a thought leader in Data and Analytics. In this podcast we discussed various key trends and topics influencing the world of data including analyst of the future, value of dark data, user experience, emotions based data storytelling, meaning of Intelligence, and flexibility of data platforms. There are lots of key statistics thrown into this episode which will provide metrics for data leaders and the actions they need to take.  


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Bruno Aziza specializes in scaling businesses and turning them into global leaders. He’s helped companies of all sizes and also helped launch Alpine Data Labs (bought by TIBCO), AppStream (bought by Symantec), SiSense (bought Periscope Data) & AtScale. Bruno specializes in high-growth SaaS, enterprise software, everything data, analytics, data science and artificial intelligence and has written books on data analytics and enterprise performance management. Follow Bruno on Twitter @brunoaziza and LinkedIn, where he shares unbiased insights every Monday.


Books: Drive Business PerformanceFramers  

Podcast: Daily Espresso - the economist , Tech Crunch

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